The Unashamedly Human Hub teaches women to find peace and contentment for a fulfilled happy life. 


You don't have to go it alone. I’ll be with you every step of the way. 


The Unashamedly Human Hub is a 12-month global transformative program, designed for women like you who know something is missing... but can’t quite put their finger on what it is.


When you choose the Unashamedly Human Hub, the peace and contentment you've been searching for are within your reach, I promise.

You’ve spent too many hours trying to figure out what’s missing in your life.

It has taken me years and thousands of hours, mistakes, setbacks and study to find what I’ve been looking for.

Fast forward to today and I no longer question the feelings in my gut. 

I have learnt how to distinguish between the voice of fear and my soul. And now I apply what I know about my intuition to guide every area of my life.

Over the years and many fk ups, I have created intuitive strategies and techniques which I am ready to teach you.

In your time in the Hub, you’ll unlock the secrets to living your one and only best life. You’ll learn how to trust your intuition, manage your mind, find the confidence to take courageous action, and love yourself.


I’m Emily Chadbourne, your Unashamedly Human Mindset & Spiritual Coach.


What makes me different? I know life is unpredictable. Scrappy. Hard. That thinking positively isn’t enough and when you’re wrapped up in self-doubt and believe you don’t deserve to prioritise yourself, it’s easy to get stuck.

My years of human behavioural education, methodology backed by neuroscience and the right amount of spirituality, let me support you to navigate your way through this crazy thing called life.

I’m going to tell you what you need to know ...

No one is coming to save you.

I hear the voice that tells you you’re not worth this, or you don't have time. That it might not work or you might lose what you have if you ask for more.

And I’ll tell you straight up - that voice is bullshit. It’s ego. It’s pride. It’s fear. Through no fault of your own - it’s what society has pushed you (and us) to believe we deserve. It’s a scarcity mindset and from scarcity, growth and change cannot happen.

Let's tap into and listen to the other voice you might have been ignoring.

It whispers something is missing.

It tells you there’s more to life than this.

It knows there is more to you and for you, and it sees the essence of who you are.

That voice is your intuition, your gut, your truth and when you start to listen to it - magic happens.

Let’s work together to nurture that voice and stop telling it to shut up. Let’s learn to never bargain with it - you won’t tell it there are people worse off. You won't tell it you SHOULD be happy, or there's no better option.

The Unashamedly Human Hub teaches you to make the most of your one precious life by:

✨ Coaching for your mindset, connection and spirituality

✨ Teaching you to:

✨ Tap into, and trust your intuition

✨ Give yourself permission to change 

✨ Free yourself from judgement 

✨ Rediscover your identity

✨ End comparison to others

✨ Break free from perfectionism

✨ Set boundaries to protect your energy

✨ Figure out, and be true to what YOU need and want

Change can only start when you take action.

Fear will try to hold you back with what-ifs. Fear is comfortable - it tells you you’re safe from risk. Can you hear it telling you the reasons why you shouldn't join the hub?

Imagine how you’ll feel, if in 6 months or a year, or 10 years… you are exactly where you are now.

Still stuck, bargaining with yourself saying this is as good as it gets. Feeling like life is just kicking you in the arse and there’s nothing you can do. You might be used to prioritising everyone else and believe that doing something for you is selfish. 

While you sit there, telling yourself you’re not worth it, waiting for the right moment- time keeps ticking away.


The Unashamedly Human Hub is for you if:

👉 You want to connect with yourself and rediscover your identity

👉 You need to understand what’s holding you back 

👉 You want to feel grounded, energised and excited about life

👉 You believe there is more to life 

👉 You know it’s time to break free from patterns that are no longer helpful 

👉 You’re ready to invest in yourself (because you’ve already wasted time hoping that something or someone else will make you happy)

👉 You crave accountability and support

👉 You want to be surrounded by a community of women who are doing work alongside you

👉 You love my unapologetic, real and raw approach and know I'll get you where you want to go. 

👉 You want simple, practical ways to incorporate, nurture and protect all of the above for long term fulfilment.

Without tools, a strategy, and support, you'll only ever see short term success.

Ever done 'personal development' before and it hasn't worked? Not here.

The Unashamedly Human Hub is a unique system designed to give you the skills, knowledge and confidence to sustain change for the rest of your life.


The Unashamedly Human Hub is …



A safe space.


An online global coaching program.


A community.


A life-changing opportunity.


A small investment to change your world.

Here’s how it works:

You, me, and a team of women who understand.

The moment you say YES to you by joining the Hub you’ll get:

Access to an exclusive membership site.

I know life happens and I’m here to make it feel easier, not harder - which is why you get personal login details to a simple, easy-to-use exclusive membership site. 

My content is designed for busy women - prerecorded, easy to absorb videos are just a click away when it suits you. 

All Hub videos are available in mp3 versions to fit in with your schedule. You can listen in the car, at the gym or on your morning walk - whatever floats your boat. 

Your membership site also includes workbooks, journal prompts and meditations to support your learning.


Em LIVE Sessions

We’re in this together - you’re invited to join me live 3 times a month. Because real-time human connection is important! We’ll be joined by your like-minded Hub community members - think break out rooms, lots of LOL's, shared experiences, virtual circles and a whole heap of sisterhood.

Each session, we’ll discuss something different, related to your desire to live your best life. There are live Q&A sessions (ask me anything), your chance to be coached live by me in our Hot Seat Coaching sessions and Spiritual Sessions where we discuss mind bendy things and big life stuff!

Live sessions are optional - all sessions are recorded and uploaded to the Hub membership site so you'll never miss out.


A community of kick-ass women who understand you.

The private Facebook group you’ll join is the instant cheerleading squad you didn't know you needed. This group is a place for sharing, laughter, support, advice, and general connection. Dear friendships are formed here. And this is the reason I have made it super easy for you to choose to stay after your initial 6 months.


Bonus Content.

You will also have access to heaps of bonus content on the membership site including:

  • The Meditation Library (think dozens of guided meditations to help you with mindfulness, visualisation and relaxation AND some breathing exercises to release stress)
  • My HOW TO MEDITATE COURSE (a short course for those of you who would like to develop a regular meditation practice)
  • The Coaching Vault (watch me coach real women and share their breakthroughs)
  • Spiritual Central (delve deep into those spiritual concepts that you’ve found yourself getting more and more interested in)
  • Q&A HQ (access to a huge collection of Q&A sessions)

Welcome pack.

Because who doesn’t like pressies in the mail? You’ll be sent a welcome pack of gifts … sneak peek, every cool girl gang has matching t-shirts so you’ll get your own Unashamedly Human tee!



Every 2 months, you will unlock access to a new Hub module:

1.) Managing the Mind (Stories/beliefs/paradigms)

2.) Consciously Connecting (Relationships, leadership)

3.) Universal Law (Manifesting and understanding energy)

4.) The Art of Receiving (Amplifying abundance)

5.) Intuition and Soul Connection (Trusting your gut, owning your wisdom)

6.) Feeling Sacred (Self-love) 


All you need to do is believe there’s nothing to lose and everything to gain.



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Tell me more about Emily Chadbourne - Mindset and Spiritual Coach


Emily is an internationally adored coach, author, podcaster and speaker - and so much more. She’s 100% human first - warts and all (figurative warts, promise). Known to drop the f-bomb from time to time, her honesty and real-world approach are refreshingly unique and always authentic. 

Emily has lived the life of not knowing her calling, feeling lost, hurt and pissed off at life in general. At 34 waiting tables, she felt trapped by circumstance, had no prospects, and felt like there was no way out. This was the catalyst for change. She knew no one was coming to rescue her and it was time to invest in herself and do the work. 


Now, Emily helps other women live the lives they truly deserve. Not just by telling them to think positive thoughts. She uses her heartbreak, knowledge, experience and methodology based on science. She shares the skills, frameworks, support and guidance for women to not only manifest their dreams but to deal with fear, heal their trauma and manage the shit days.

More praises for The Hub:

“I can’t really imagine doing life without being in the HUB. The community, support, education, encouragement and accountability to grow and be the best version of me I can be is EVERYTHING! I never knew I could feel so deeply happy with life.”
- Naomi, Sydney
“I joined the HUB seeking guidance on managing change and to learn how to achieve harmony and acceptance within myself. Through this work I've found a new level of self assurance and developed a greater understanding of myself and others - such a useful life skill! The HUB nourishes deep thinking with incredible support."
- Emily, SA
“The Hub is like a natural garden. Everyone within it grows organically. As Emily grows the Hub grows and as the Hub grows, we, the amazing community grow. Always feeling fully supported has helped me start believing in myself and stop letting people walk all over me. I absolutely love everything about the Hub.”
- Sue, UK
“I originally joined the HUB to help with weight management and emotional eating to get to the bottom of my lack of self motivation and results. But I soon realised once I started doing the work it was a whole lot deeper than that. The HUB so far has helped me put MY own needs first before others and value self love and self care. My favourite thing about the HUB is the connection and community of empowering women in a safe space. It's interactive and can be done at my pace depending on what season/phase of my life I am in.”
- Heidi, Melbourne

Final word


I trust you, to know in your soul if The Unashamedly Human Hub with me as your coach, is right for you … which is why I don’t do sales calls.

As your coach, it’s really important for you to feel empowered by me.

You don't need me to make this decision for you. Dig deep and be brave - I know you can do that, I have full belief and faith in you. 

The moment you commit to the Hub, you will be shifting your energy in a big way. The energetic shift is more powerful when you have backed yourself to do this, without me holding your hand to get you in. There's plenty of good hand-holdie type support on the inside, but you need to decide to take the step from where you are, to where you want to be.

If you're still reading ... the HUB is right for you! I believe in you and can't wait to welcome you and celebrate all that you are and your choice to join.

Em x

Have more questions about the Unashamedly Human Hub?

If you have any questions, email [email protected] and my team and I will get back to you in a jiffy.